An Urban Elegance
In The Historical Heart of Belgrade

As a former art deco villa, built for Edward and Danica Zamboni, Pavilion Hotel & Social Club
has historical and cultural significance. Located in Dorcol, the oldest surviving
neighbourhood of Belgrade, the hotel mirrors its specific urban charm and sophisticated

Pavilion Restaurant & Bar offers delicious a la carte breakfast for hotel guests, as well as for outside guests, business breakfast and lunch, high-class dining and vibrant weekend evenings representing Belgrade’s well-known nightlife to its fullest.

We have skillfully balanced each combination of flavours and carefully formed a selection of culinary specialities to elicit a smile on the edges of your lips with every single bite. A la carte restaurant is serving a European menu blended with local flavours.

The tone is set by some of Belgrade’s best mixologists with their signature cocktail recipes and drinks. Enthused with details made of fluid organic forms it further emphasizes the place’s playful character.

It is a venue where the flavours of life are tasted – a gentle symphony served with a glass of sparkling wine.

Working Hours

Breakfast 08:00 AM – 11:00 AM
Lunch 1:00 PM – 5:30 PM
Dinner 6:00PM – 10:00 PM

Pavilion 4 star Hotel & Social Club offers are adapted to connoisseurs of the modern design scene with comfortable furniture that exudes art deco details. The skilful play of shadows, combined with the abundance of natural light makes the atmosphere beyond cinematic. The upscale furnishings and decor create a refined, yet welcoming, ambience.

Precious materials like Oakwood and finely crafted stone cut to size give each room a feeling of warmth and intimacy.

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About the hotel

Pavilion 4 star Hotel is a breath-taking city spot surrounded by ivy and nested in apparent serenity between Belgrade’s past and future. Laidback and elegant, it radiates the immediate charm of impassable summer and faithfully represents the spirit of Belgrade.

The touch of class is added by the fact that it used to serve as Iranian Embassy during the Shah era. In addition, renowned architects, the married couple Branislav and Danica Kojić gave the Hotel a distinct poetic note that gently involves you in a genuinely sophisticated story. The look and feel of the hotel offer a charming blend of seductive decor and discreet enjoyment set in a refined ambience of timeless comfort.

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    Pavilion Hotel & Social Club

    Traveler Rating: 93 Any guest rating


    Pavilion Hotel & Social Club

    Traveler Rating: 93 Any guest rating